Course Contents of Hibernate

• Introduction to Hibernate

o JDBC VS Hibernate
• Overview of Hibernate Architecture
• Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
• Creating Hibernate Application in Eclipse IDE
• Hibernate with annotation and xml configuration example
• Generator classes
• Hibernate Dialects

Object Lifecycle, Persistence, and Session Management

• Hibernate Object Life cycle
• Transient State
• Persistent State
• Detached State
• Removed State
• Saving to Databases
• Persistent Context

Hibernate Session API

• o)
• session.update(Object o)
• session.saveOrUpdate(Object o)
• session.merge(Object o)
• session.get(Object.class, Identifier)
• session.lock(Object, LockMode)
• session.delete(Object)
• session.clear()

Core interfaces of Hibernate

• Session interfaces
• Session Factory interfaces
• Configuration interfaces
• Transaction interfaces
• Query and Criteria interfaces

Hibernate Mapping Associations using xml and annotations

• Lazy, Eagger, Casecade, Inverse
• Fetching strategies
• One-to-one
• One-to-Many
• Many-to-one
• Bidirectional many-to-one
• Bidirectional one-to-one
• Many-to-many
• Bidirectional many-to-many

Collection (HAS-A) Mapping

• Mapping List
• One-to-many Mapping using List
• Mapping Bag
• One-to-many Mapping using Bag
• Mapping Set
• One-to-many Mapping using Set
• Mapping map in Collection Mapping
• Many-to-many Mapping in hibernate using map
Mapping Inheritance using xml and annotations
• Inheritance Mapping Strategies
• Table per Concrete Class
• Table per Subclass
• Table per Hierarchy

Spring and Hibernate Transaction Management

• Hibernate transaction configuration
• Hibernate Transaction API
• Transaction Propagation

Enable Logging in Hibernate

• Hibernate Logging by log4j using log4j.xml file
• Hibernate Logging by log4j using file

Hibernate Transaction Management

Hibernate Query Language

Hibernate Criteria Query Language

Hibernate Named Language

Performance Tuning and Optimization

• Hibernate Caching
• Caching in Hibernate
• Hibernate Second Level Cache using EH Cache
• Batching

Hibernate Connection Pool

• Configure C3P0 connection pool in Hibernate
• Configure DBCP connection pool in Hibernate

Hibernate Integration with other Frameworks

• Hibernate and Spring Integration Tutorial
• Hibernate and Struts2 Integration Tutorial
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