o Introduction to Oracle

o Purpose
o What is Oracle?
o How to create Schema /User?
o SQL Classification
• Data Definition Language(DDL)
• Data Manipulation Language(DML)
• Data Retrieval Language(DRL)
• Transaction Control Language(TCL)
• Data Control Language(DCL)
o Conditional Selection Operators
• Where Clause
• Order By
o Functions
• Row – Level Functions
• Group By and Having Clause
o Set Operators
o Constraints
o Joins
o Case OR Decode()
o Merge Statement
o Sub – Queries
o Correlated Sub – Queries
o Views
o Materialized View
o Normalization
o Indexes
o Partitions
o Query Tuning Approach
o Difference between DELETE, TRUNCATE and DROP
o Difference between ROWID and ROWNUM
o Difference between WHERE and HAVING
o PL/SQL Basics
o Stored Procedure
• Packages
• Triggers
• Important Queries

 DWH Concepts

o DWH Concepts
o What is BI?
o Data Warehousing
o Datamart
o What is Schema?
• Star Schema
• Snow – Flake Schema
• Galaxy Schema
o Fact Table
o Granularity
o Dimension Table
o Data Modeling
o SCD Type – 1
o SCD Type – 2
o SCD Type – 3
o Staging Area
o Surrogate Key

 Informatica

o ETL Tools
o Informatica
• Power Center
• Power Mart
o Repository
o Mapping
o Session
o Workflow Manager
o Workflow Monitor
o Manager
o Workflow Monitor
o Structure of Designer
o Workflow
o Backend Execution
 120 Scenarios
 Important Unix Commands
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